Thee Doggy Treat

Delicious Smoked, Pork Dog Treats For All Dogs


We are committed to providing healthy treats that your dog LOVES. Our smoked pig snout treats are high protein content, single whole food ingredient, grain free, corn free, & soy free, strengthens dental health, digestible and delectable, and contains no artificial colors, preservatives, or chemical humectants.


Our fave hashtag is #dogsforsocialjustice! Studies have shown that dog owners live healthier and longer lives. Thee Doggy Treat wants dog owners of all races, socio-economic backgrounds, sexual orientations, genders, abilities, religions, etc and their dogs to live healthy and long lives. Join us in bringing "pop up" veterinary days to under-resourced communities in STL and donations of treats to people who are unhoused and also #pawrents. 


We prioritize eco-friendly packaging to decrease our carbon footprint. All of our branding cards/labels are created with eco-friendly paper and ink (JakPrints who plants a tree for every printing order). We use eco-friendly packaging tape (NetZero/Eco-Enclose) so that our shipping boxes are truly safe for recycling. Once your fur friend has enjoyed all their treats, here are potential eco-friendly next steps for the containers the treats are in: "box-itas" (Eco-Enclose) can be recycled or composted, stand-up pouches (Elevate Packaging) can be composted, and wax paper (Green Paper Products) unfortunately has to go to the landfill (however, it was created with more eco-friendly materials than traditional wax paper). 

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Bark Twice for Treat Deets!

Woof! Woof!


Follow the 3 S's: 1) Serve with water. 2) Supervise pet while eating. 3) Smile :)

Consult a licensed veterinarian when introducing new items to your dog’s diet.



-Shelf Life: 24 months (in air tight bag)

-Storage: Cool, dry place; refrigeration optional

-Size: All Size Dogs

We are a proud St. Louis, MO, USA based, small, family-owned, black-owned, woman-led business committed to providing healthy dog treats for your fur best friend, with an eco-friendly approach and a social justice centered mindset. Manufactured by Smoki O's. Made in the USA. Shipping is currently only available in the USA.

Nala definitely likes them more [than her other treats] because she can smell the real meat!

Chelsey C.

With Arson being such a small dog, a Thee Doggy Treat- Snout Treat is more like a chew for him and keeps him occupied and going. He loves them! 

Kellen T.

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